How Tos - Embroidery

Cool Embroidery Projects

Here's how to use your embroidery machine to turn your applique or fill stitch embroidery design into an adorable patch.

For this video we used our cute Penguin Applique Design.


For this example on how to hoop or float a onesie for embroidery,  we used a Bernina Bernette Deco 340 Embroidery Machine along with the Anchor Applique Embroidery Design.



Inspiration #1: Embroidered Christmas Stockings

Personalize or add flare to any stocking!

Add names, monograms or winter designs to store-bought or handmade stockings. Transform an inexpensive stocking into a custom creation that will be cherished for years to come.

Your creativity is limitless — embellish upon a stocking with existing design, or decorate a plain stocking that can be fully customized.

We've handpicked a few fonts that will look great on stockings:

This fun Grinch-y font will get even the biggest grump in the...

Keep your favorite gal warm this winter with a cute personalized embroidered scarf! Show off her personality with an elegant monogram or fun design — a great gift for ladies of any age!

Personalized Embroidered Scarves: Great Gift for Girls of Any Age!

These scarves are a great option for gifts under $20! Let's break it down:

$10 (less or more, depending on retailer) per plain scarf $15 or less for a fun, elegant or cute embroidery monogram font Optional: $5 or less for an embroidery frame

At just two scarves, you will spend $20 each. If you make five...