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Cool Embroidery Projects

Personalized embroidered pocket t-shirts are so cute, and so popular!

Applique Pocket T-Shirts for Sorority Big-Little Sister Pairs

The bond between a Big and Little sorority sister is special and unique — honor it with matching Big and Little shirts!

This cute project can be customized for each sorority. Personalize with the sorority's color, symbols and collegiate Greek letters. The best part? You can embroider it all!

One of our great customers created these stylish applique-pocket shirts, complete with monograms on the pocket and embroidery on the...

Basic How Tos

How to stitch a 3D Puff Embroidery Design using a Innov-ís 1500D Brother sewing machine. Supplies needed an iron or hair dryer, a 3D Puffy Design and Embroidery Foam. Try 2mm or even easier 1mm foam. Do not stack multiple foams use singles.

Find your design for this project on our 3D Puffy Designs page!

This tutorial has many great tips on how to applique and so much more. It shows different Gingher scissors and stabilizers. You will learn:

How to hide that ugly embroidery backing and that roughness on your baby's skin. How to hoop a youth size t-shirt. How to clean you embroidery And much more!

We used a Husqvarna Viking Embroidery Machine single needle embroidery machine.

Hi! I’m Kristin from Sweet Whimsy and I am excited to team up with Apex Embroidery to bring you Stabilizer 101. Stabilizers are one of the most frustrating aspects of learning to embroider and appliqué, but oh so necessary! When I first started out, I bought one kind of stabilizer (a tear away I think) and used it on every project!

Needless to say my projects weren’t all successes! Over time I realized that all the talk about which stabilizer is right for the fabric and stitch count was actually something I needed to take into account! So then began a long and confusing learning...