Cool Embroidery Projects

See what others are doing with our fonts and designs and their embroidery machines.

Festive Winter Embroidery Projects

Inspiration #1: Embroidered Christmas Stockings

Personalize or add flare to any stocking!

Add names, monograms or winter designs to store-bought or handmade stockings. Transform an inexpensive stocking into a custom creation that will be cherished for years to come.

Your creativity is limitless — embellish upon a stocking with existing design, or decorate a plain stocking that can be fully customized.

Embroidered Christmas stockings

DYI Pocket Frocket Tee Shirt

Personalized embroidered pocket t-shirts are so cute, and so popular!

Applique Pocket T-Shirts for Sorority Big-Little Sister Pairs

The bond between a Big and Little sorority sister is special and unique — honor it with matching Big and Little shirts!

This cute project can be customized for each sorority. Personalize with the sorority's color, symbols and collegiate Greek letters. The best part? You can embroider it all!