FAQ - Embroidery

FAQ Category: General

The designs and fonts sold on this site were digitized are owned by Apex Embroidery Inc. Designs may be stitched out on items and those items may be sold for profit. The designs themselves are NOT to be sold, shared, traded or exchanged in anyway.

No, the designs you purchase on this site will not work on a regular sewing machine. You will need an embroidery machine.

You need to have an embroidery machine as well as the computer equipment and software you need to download the design to your computer and then transfer it to your embroidery machine.

FAQ Category: Downloading Files

All of Apex Embroidery's products are delivered to you via download as compressed ZIP files.

What is a ZIP file?

"Zipping" involves compressing one or more files into a smaller archive. This makes it quicker and more efficient for you to download your purchase. Before you can use your files, you must "Unzip" the file you downloaded.

How do I Unzip a file?

The process you will use to Unzip a file may vary depending upon the type of computer and operating system you are using. If you use a Mac, simply clicking on the file in your downloads folder should...