Melco Embroidery Machines

Melco Embroidery MachineMelco embroidery machines and embroidery software are great for small and startup embroidery businesses. Melco machines are well-suited for embroidering hats, polos, jackets, leather, gloves and denim, as well as delicate items.

  • Modular Embroidery Machine - EMT16: A fast, easy-to-use machine that can move with your business — study wheels make this machine mobile and reliable in your space. This machine is designed for high-output commercial production.
  • AMAYA XTS Single-Head Embroidery Machine: The AMAYA line has been completely discontinued - replaced with the EMT16 - an even better system! For those who alrady own an AMAYA machine, you can still order parts at

Melco embroidery machines use the .EXP file type. Melco’s DesignShop V9 software is available in four levels (basic through advanced).


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