Husqvarna Viking Embroidery Machines

Husqvarna/Viking Embroidery MachineBuilt with sewing needs in mind, some Husqvarna Viking embroidery machine models include a sensor system to aid with even feeding of fabric.

  • Designer Diamond Royale: Features a high quality, innovative stitch system that creates quality stitches on both sides of the fabric, as well as great results with sheer materials and specialty threads.
  • Designer Ruby Royale: A cutting-edge sensor system automatically adjusts as you sew to guarantee even feeding. Design positioning and design editing features makes getting your design “just right” even easier!
  • Designer Topaz 45: A modern sewing and embroidery machine with Interactive Color Touch Screen, Design Positioning feature and built-in assistance.
  • Designer Topaz 40: A new option that includes an Interactive Color Touch Screen, a large seving and embroidery area, built-in assistance, and the exclusive sensor system feature.
  • Designer Topaz 25: A sewing and embroidery machine with great capacity offering EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ and a large sewing and embroidery area. Great value for money!

There are many other options - explore their site to find just the machine for you.

Husqvarna Viking embroidery machines use the .HUS and .VIP file types. Husqvarna Viking offers a collection of embroidery art software.

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