How to Combine Heart Monogram Frames & Fonts in Silhouette Studio

Courtesy of Terri Johnson

My last post tutorial shared how to adjust 3 letter monogram fonts that you bought in Silhouette Design Store. However, sometimes you purchase them elsewhere — and today, I am sharing with you a FREE Hearth Wreath Monogram frame — with FIVE beautiful heart frames – from our friends at Cuttable Designs!  Just in time for Valentines’ Day! So, I want to show you how to use these frames & combine them with the monogram font!

First, when you download the files, they will be “zipped” – so you will have to unzip – or “extract them”. Most computers have an “unzipping” program already loaded, so when you double click on the zipped file, it will automatically extract the files & create a folder by the same name. And that’s exactly what is shown here in my “Finder” window on my Mac, here below:


Now, when you click on the HeartWreath folder, you will find some different files.  The jpg files will give you a picture of the frames:


To use these designs in Silhouette Studio, you have a couple of options. If you are NOT running Designer Edition, & just using the software that came with your Cameo, then use the DXF formatted files. If you are running Designer Edition, then you will want to use the SVG files.

When I purchase files like this one, the first thing that I like to do is load them into my Silhouette Studio Library. That way, I have them available with a thumbnail picture when I am searching my library. To do this, simply open your library, then open the location where they are on your computer. Select the files you want to save & drag them into your library. I have folders set up for Holidays – so I just drug them into the Valentines Day folder. Now I can search & open them from the Library.



I opened Wreath #4 and it came into Studio pretty big, and ungrouped. So, I have sized it down & grouped together all of the vine pieces (green) and berries (red). Now, I have 2 separate parts — green vines & red berries. I have colored the in to make it easier for you to see.


Next, I am going to create the monogram file. I am using the Heart Monogram from Cuttable Designs. After downloading, I am using the same method that I did above with the wreaths, I “unzipped” the files – but I didn’t bring them into the Library — (It will make more sense in just a moment.)   You will notice that this monogram has 78 files — because it does not operate like a True Type Font — but a design file. It will not show up in your Text Window in Studio. So there are 3 sets of letters – right, center & left. This time I’m using SVG files, since I am running Designer Edition — just be sure to turn on the Cut Lines before cutting.


Now, I want to create my 3 letter monogram file. And in order to keep from opening 3 additional pages in Studio, I use the Merge function each time. The letters will all stay on the same page as the wreath. (This is why I didn’t put them in the Library). For each letter, go to the top menu bar, select File –> Merge –> and then go to the file where you downloaded the file & bring in your first letter — Bring all three letters of the monogram – left, center & right. But I did zoom in, to make it easier to see.

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-9-55-57-amOften, they come in on top of one another, so separate them and place them in the correct order — but don’t enlarge them yet. With all 3 letters selected, open the Align window & select “Align Top”.


Sometimes I also use the “Space Horizontally” feature in the Align window – but since letters are not symmetrical, they don’t alway look pleasing to the eye when they are spaced evenly.  For more about that, check out a previous blog post on adjusting them.

I usually just line them up close to one another, and nudge with the keyboard arrows, until they are pleasing to the eye.  Then, select all three letters & group. (Ctrl or Cmd +G) Now, you can enlarge the monogram to fit in the middle of the heart frame. Again, the Align –> Center option may be helpful, but I find I usually have to adjust the monogram in the center to look right!

That’s it — then you are ready to cut! Now — head on over to Cuttable Designs to Download the Free Frame File – with 5 cute Heart frames! 

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